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Design Overview In Tirana 2015

Hello, we are beetroot
November, 2015
Tirana, Albania

ADC Design experience

Beetroot House - A Design Agency grows into a destination
September, 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

TEDx University of Piraeus

T(e)aming waves
May, 2015
Athens, Greece

10 images for ithaca

Talk Design
Design Workshop
July, 2014

10th Design Panorama

Lecture on “The collective mind”

December 2013

Athens, Greece

Med Design Days

Lecture on “ Is there a Mediterranean Design”?

November 2013

Marseilles, France

Cyprus University of Technology

Lecture on “Tool-driven inspiration”

October 2013

Limassol, Cyprus

TEDx Academy

Connecting the Odds:
A field guide to the creative journey
September, 2012
Athens, Greece


Lecture on “Connecting the odds –Decalogue in eleven steps “

September 2012

Athens, Greece

Belgrade Design Week 2012

Lecture on "Teratology"

June 2012

Belgrade, Serbia

Beetroot Business Cards

Lecture on “Super Greece”

 January 2012

 Athens, Greece

Spring: Icograda Design Week

Lecture on “Versus”

 May 2011

 Vilnius, Lithuania 

ESP College

Lecture on "Versus"
March 2011
Thessaloniki, Greece


International Animation Festival
Lecture on Animation
September 2009
Syros,  Greece

ED Conference 2009

European Design Festival
BeetZoo: Journey into Beetroot’s work
through animal illustrations
May 2009
Zurich, Switzerland

Kilkis Technological Educational Institute

Department of garments design & production
Lecture on "Design & fashion"
February 2009
Kilkis, Greece

ED Conference 2007

European Design Conference
Case Studies:
Meta, 5th Exhibition of Architectural Work
Participation of Cyprus in the Biennale of Architecture
May 2007
Athens, Greece

Panorama of Greek Design 2006

Case Study:
Fena fashion advertising campaign
Dais Center
December 2006
Athens, Greece

Panorama of Greek Design 2006

Case Study:
Meta, 5th Exhibition of Architectural Work
October 2006
Nicosia, Cyprus

Panorama of Greek Design 2004

Case Study:
MED website
December 2004
Athens College
Athens, Greece